nº 19: Imbolc & KonMari

Hello, world! It's been a few years since I last wrote here, but the time has come to return to blogging. Isn't everyone just thoroughly sick of social media? I miss personal websites, where people lived in their own little world and shared a bit of that with the audience... all the photos on Instagram are roughly alike, high-gloss booty shots and even the wildest makeup looks eerily similar to someone else's work. Of course we all take inspiration from one another, but there comes to be a tipping point where the lines become blurred and everything is just a little too same-y.

Not to say that I truly mind, because I don't! The zeitgeist has always fascinated me, and it's never been more zeitgeist-y than now. Besides, I'm an Aquarian, so the bandwagon delights me when it gets overcrowded. I just feel even more ~*uNiQuE*~

Since I began writing here in august of 2010, a lot has changed in my life. I used to be a thoroughly dense "internet atheist", happy to tell you how stupid you were for believing in anything, while I vigorously and metaphorically jerked Dick Dawkins off. Then Twitter got big, the glaring xenophobia and sexism of those scientific materialists reared it's head larger and uglier than ever before, and I had several unrelated 'mental breakdowns', during which the Earth spoke to me and told me I was a witch. She also suggested that I not mention that to my psychiatrists at the hospital—luckily, my current psychologist has her own practice, and I don't mean her office. *WINK*

Today is January 2nd, and in 30 days comes Imbolc/Imbolg or Saint Brigid's Day. My partner and myself are both of Celtic descent, and late last year we adopted a sweet cornsnake who we've named Brigid, after the above-mentioned goddess—she's actually curled up next to me right now, under a pillow. Imbolc is, among other things, a festival of ritual cleansing... which brings me to my next point: Last year, I became acquainted and obsessed with The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo.

Growing up, I lived in a genuine 'Hoarders'-level hoarded double-wide trailer, with piles of clothes and garbage waist-high, and the lingering stink of cat piss on all of my garments. Told by my abusive mother that the garbage was my fault, and that I was the cause and only possible solution to the chaos I lived in, I developed a broken relationship with possessions and tidying. (There's more to it than just that, but let's keep things simple for now.)

I've already gotten mostly through the 'KonMari' method once, just before I moved out of my old room and into the apartment I share with my partner Tim. It was hard but rewarding, even though I found a lot of difficulty in 'sparking joy' during an activity that brought up so many traumatic experiences.

This year, Tim and I are doing the KonMari method together, beginning after we come back from a family visit this weekend, to be completed just in time for Imbolc on February 1st/2nd. February is our birth month—his birthday being Valentine's and my own being the day after, February 15th. We have a lot of wonderful plans for creation, growth, opulence and abundance this year, and I can't think of a better way to set ourselves up for success than by reviewing all of our possessions and our life plans for the new year, releasing that which no longer aligns with our goals. Amen ashe!

Brigid Natalie in the money tree - shortly after this, she got herself wedged in the radiator for two hours

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  1. I love this return to blogging! I love reading the thoughts of everyone I know and love in more than 80-250 characters! <3