My lovely Torontonian houseguest Natasha invited me to accompany her to the Complex Geometries presentation the other night. Over the past few months, I have fallen in love with a lot of their work, so I was pretty stoked. I (literally) ran there right after work to catch the last few moments, and it was right after I walked through the door and eagerly yanked my camera out of my bag that I discovered... my battery was dead.

Despite my technological setbacks, the presentation was beautiful. Set in a sleazy strip-club, the pieces are intricate and incredibly wearable. Beautiful retro-futurist sheer pieces bely myriads of layer possibilities, and like most Complex Geometries pieces, much of the collection can be worn in multiple ways. I think it is this Transformers-like ability that draws me so much to their designs—in truth I just want a cape-shirt-cowl-scarf to wear forever. Behemoth shoes by LD Tuttle have similarly enraptured me.

[Images from Zimbio]

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