Yesterday afternoon I had the great pleasure of being able to attend Parkchoonmoo's show at the Metropolitan Pavilion. It was an amazing collection—the sort of clothes that I later described as what I would like to "live in, die in, and then be buried in". In fact, it's an early contender for favorite collection this season. Everything seemed as though inspired by what lies beneath the surface. Cold geological designs were warmed by soft, protectively bulky vests, the wearers armed against all foes by Bevel's fearsome jewelry. (Note: Bevel is my new favorite everything.) Cocooning into layers of printed, metallic knits and skillfully draped leather, Parkchoonmoo's woman is prepared for anything.

I, however, am not prepared for anything. A few hours before the show, Michael gave me an early 21st birthday present—a Lumix G10! I have yearned for a DSLR for years, so I was/am ecstatic. HOWEVER, I decided that practice be damned, I was going to use my fancy new camera during the show. I had about 15 minutes to familiarize myself with it before everything began. With quickstepping models and low lighting, I panicked, and none of my photos taken during the show turned out.

Practice run before the show began. This is actually the best photo on my memory card. Please don't laugh.

Proper video documentation from a professional. Choonmoo Park is so adorable at the end!

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