Cailin Hill by Jeff Bark for Bullett, Photos from Fashion Gone Rogue

BULLETT has been killing it for me lately. Killing. It. Their new Cosmic issue? I mean, hello, look at my header/the post below this one/my entire sci-fi obsessed life: cosmic is like catnip for me. Plus amazing editorials which highlight basically everything I love, only better. There was a photographer whose LiveJournal (yes, LiveJournal) I've been reading for like four years... in Bullett. Jonathan Goldstein of BEVEL? In Bullett. Most of my favorite bands? In Bullett.

Get out of my head, Bullett Magazine!

Anyway, do I even need to explain what I love about these photos? So much sheer + playful mix of textures + piles of jewelry + killer shoes, and a little morbid anatomy thrown in for good measure? Sign me up.

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