Meagan of Latter Style. I wanted to photograph her sick outfit, and only a few minutes later did I recognize her from Twitter/Facebook/The Internet.

From the roof of the Hotel on Rivington, at the KMS afterparty. I was four complimentary cocktails in at this point (and about 12 hors d'oeuvres—MINI TACOS) so obviously the view of this rainy city and my champagne glass was very poignant.

AFTER the afterparty, at Wierd with Natasha and Alyssa Thralls, there is literally no one I do not know from the internet, let's not even discuss what this implies about my socialization skills.

So, these are a few photos from the IFB Conference and life in general. I'm hip-deep in NYFW now, so my posts are running on a two-day delay. Every season, this week always becomes a perfect storm of parties, friends from out-of-town, and general insanity. It's okay though, because I'll spend the next six months locked away in my apartment, watching 20-year-old episodes of Doctor Who. (Coincidentally, those are the optimal blogging conditions.)


  1. woah I TOTALY FORGOT THAT WE WENT TO WEIRD. holy shit, this insanity is making me forget everything. thanks for the photo!

  2. It was so great meeting you at the Rivington Hotel IFBCon after party. Sorry took me so long to get back in touch. NYFW & all the events have taken over my last week & still not over yet.
    Love your blog & following!! Probably run into you at AllSaints sooner or later. Keep in touch...;)

    Faiza xo