Not much to say about this. Tisci says it's based on Fritz Lang's Metropolis, and I'm like... "I SEE IT." I've been super busy lately (full-time job, internship, hostessing gig) and haven't really been keeping up with fashion, but I stumbled upon this and realized that oh yeah, couture week just happened. That was a thing.

I love the massive nose rings. The first Google link for this show was The Telegraph's, and so now I'm rolling my eyes as hard as I can over the comments.

The clothes are amazing, but why disfigure the model's lips? To be different, or is this a subliminal message, a misogynistic one, as we are being led to believe that all shoe designers hate women?

Nailed it. Shoe designers hate women. Tisci is a woman-hating shoe designer. All these dresses... ? They're actually shoes, that Tisci designed because he hates women. He made them look like dresses just to fuck with us, ladies.

Anyway, I don't love this as hard as I loved AW 2010, but Tisci could basically poop on a platter, make it up to look like a consumptive heroine, and I'd be posting about how, "I LOVE THIS COLLECTION, THIS POOP IS SO GOTH."

I'm not trying to compare this season to poop because it's so totally not, I'm just saying that Ricardo Tisci can do no wrong in my eyes. Or something? I don't know. I'm the worst blogger ever.

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  1. haha! i love this post and i have nothing intelligent to add to it which is making me feel all stupid and redundant in comparison but like lol whatever~~~ (this is when i twirl my hair and giggle)

    ps. i also love your slogan/line "black clothes for black hearts" and i wish i could steal it from you without being an asshole but i can't so i'll just be jealous of it instead.