DETAILS 1.13.12

I got these amazing Minimarket wedges last year for an astounding $30.00—found them when cleaning out the Urban Outfitters stockroom, somehow magically in my size. I remember trying them on and thinking that they were uncomfortable; I wasn't as used to wearing wedges as I am now. They're fleece-lined, and perfect for winter, yet all season I've neglected them because I mistakenly thought they were hard to wear. But the call of the fleece was too strong tonight, it's freezing right now in New York. I'm in love.

This H&M sweater is so flattering, and I love the contrasting patches of sheer and knit. It's not very warm, though. I was incorrect in congratulating myself for wearing it today. "See! I'm dressing appropriately for the weather. KNITWEAR." Unless it's 50% sheer chiffon, ya dingus.

BEVEL earring. BEVEL. BEVEL. BEVEL. Deal w/it.

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