McQueen Knock-offs ($195) | OVATE Hooded Sweater ($85) | Studded Leggings ($24) | Pentangled Crew ($52)
Holy Cross Collar ($40) | Moon Blast Tights ($29) | Metal Collar Necklace ($25) | Scrunched Bubble Skirt ($26)
Wynona Bustier ($74) | Corset Tights ($19) | Faithful Dress ($77) | Chiffon Harem Pants ($18)
Ostrich Loafer ($152) | Blackbird Velvet Dress ($138) | Cluster of Bones Necklace ($51) | Studded Wedge ($145)

I haven't been doing much shopping because I need to save all my $cri££a for my trip to London... in eleven days!!! That hasn't curbed my desire to shop, though, and I've got hours of Facebook chatlogs to prove it...

Me: Look at this gorgeous pair of shoes!! I should buy them right now!
Friend: If I bought this black drapey thing, my summer wardrobe would be complete!!
Me: You should definitely buy that black drapey thing! What do you think of this slutty black thing?

So I asked my followers on Tumblr if they're be interested in a shopping guide, considering my #1 most asked question on that website is people wondering where I buy my clothes. I guess they answered in the affirmative or something, because here I am with the first installment! Nothing on this list is crazy expensive – I don't believe in spending outrageous amounts on clothes.

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