nº 06: back from the future

Recently I found a new website with lots of really affordable, cute clothes! It's called Beautiful Halo, and from now on I'll be doing a collage post once in a while, rounding up my favourite pieces from their range. If you're thinking, 'Gee, sounds like she's joined an affiliate program', you would be correct. Does this mean that I don't actually like or want the clothes I'm blogging about? Not at all—in fact, I've long been a supporter/purchaser of direct-from-China street style goodies. Most of what we buy in the west is made in China, and I've been purchasing drapey goth things from eBay sellers long enough to know that it's identical to what I see on offer in boutiques around London (Camden, I'm looking at you). The only difference is that the boutiques sew their own labels in after they receive their wholesale goods, and then claim them as original designs. Odd how many completely identical "original designs" one sees in certain kinds of shops.

This week I've been thinking about autumn, trying to pretend that winter isn't just around the corner. The only bright side is christmas, but then it's months and months of cold weather! Luckily there are lots of cute sweaters and sweatshirts available right now—custom printing has come so far so quickly. Three years ago, if you wanted a galaxy print shirt, you'd be restricted to a handful of high-end designers and spending a month's paycheque. Nowadays, anything can be printed with ease, which I think has really diversified street style. This week's round-up of goodies goes a bit Flowergoth, with that dreamy sweatshirt, and despite the 90's chunky-heel comeback, I'm still all about witchy shoes.

Watercolour Floral Print Crew Neck - $19 | Skull and Crossbones Jumper - $25 | Black Slit-front Maxi Skirt - $17 | Greek Mythology Leggings - $10 | Spiked Chunky Heel Booties - $65 | Asymmetrical Chiffon Dress - $21

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