nº 08: bodycon round-up

Another day, another collage. I have to admit, collage-making is pretty fun. Today's theme... BODYCON!

What's great about the bodycon dress is that, while it is actually the laziest thing one could wear, everyone seems to think you've "really dressed up" and "put a lot of effort into your look", meanwhile you took ten minutes to get ready while downing cheap vodka. At the club, people compliment your outfit, assuming you have excellent taste and fashion sense. And yet, you are wearing only one item. Bodycon dresses are like a fashion hack. If it weren't for weather, the office, and creepy men, I would wear nothing but bodycon dresses 24/7.

Today's selection of dresses includes a look for the modern witch, an updated Wednesday Addams dress, peekaboo underarms to avoid sweatstains at the club, some bondage-inspired strappy goodness, and of course a lil Bladerunner - I can definitely see Pris wearing that PVC/mesh ensemble.

Modern Witch Bodycon dress - $20 | Backless cutout dress - $19 | Contrast collar dress - $20 | Sheer panelled bodycon dress - $22 | Lattice neck strappy back dress - $22

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