nº 09: svpply is dead, long live nuji

I've been hurting over the loss of my dearly beloved Svpply for a few months, but perhaps I was too wrapped up in my grief to realise that a replacement has existed for several years. Nuji is essentially the same website, which is a relief for someone who loved Svpply both for its application and it's minimalist aesthetic. 

I do love minimal websites... speaking of which, Ello has become one of my favourite new haunts, though admittedly I don't often post there. Everyone online seems quick to write Ello off as "already being over", but I will defend it until I die. Hell, I still use LiveJournal and feed my Neopets, I don't give up on websites just because they're passé. By the way, if you need an Ello invite, comment here and I can send you one. Yes, I did shamelessly link to my own profiles on both of these websites.

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