nº 18: alice auaa a/w 2013

Guest post by Hz.

The relationship between cloth and oneself on distinctive, inexplicable and indiscernible levels exudes an aura, when the fabric no longer serves as a mere second skin but becomes an atmosphere. This collection undoubtedly stands in its stance a majesty to be revered.

The brush softly paints in gothic yet dreamlike strokes, the consistency of which parallels the faded smoothness of the textures. Flourishes interweaves and layers build upon itself to become a cage that quietly shuts in the stunning visual landscape.

 The monochrome is a characteristic of exceptional focus, daring one to walk along subtle shades of ambiguity. What I sense, above all else, is the delicate balance between the fragile velvet, a viscous liquid on which disturbances ripples in glacial eternity; a sharpened concentration on details, forcing an acute attention to observe through the thinnest of scalpels; and the perennial webs, which far from a symbol of desolation exist, like dreams, in timelessness.


Editor's Note: Who doesn't love a collection that closes with a DEAD BABY?

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