Half a Person, from Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons.

I've really loved their work in the past, though it is a little too "high concept" (read: expensive) for me to do more than covet from a distance. Their Seven Sacred Planets pins fall into this category, as does this amazing Talon Cuff. The Mammoth Talon Cuff was actually something I pined over for several weeks, bemoaning to Natasha my lack of trust fund, and explaining how well it would go in my theoretical cabinet of curiosities.

In other Morrissey news, I found it highly entertaining when he was bitten by a dog recently. I imagine him giving the animal a wounded look, before saying "But everything I've done, I've done for you!" in his most wrenching tone. It was probably some kind of precognitive karma for this awful shit he said about Norway a few weeks later.


  1. Lovely candles.. Morrisey can be a total shit. But makes great music

  2. I love his music, and have a fondness for him as well, but the things that come out of his mouth make me want to slap him.